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Atoms and Ashes: The World’s Six Major Nuclear Accidents and Their Aftershocks

The memories of past catastrophes continue to haunt the idea of nuclear power, including any hopes for a renaissance in a world of worsening climate change.

Menstrual Hygiene Day: It’s Time We Pushed Back on What the Pandemic Made Worse

The COVID-19 lockdown deepened many problems and created others when it restricted the mobility and decision-making power of menstruating individuals.

Cartoons, Sharks and the Place of Beauty in Conservation

We have little idea of the species that have disappeared because we would never actually contemplate their existence and what that means for us.

In Home of World’s Biggest Nuclear Plant, a Vote May Shape Japan’s Atomic Future

A vote in Niigata will be closely watched as a gauge for the readiness of Japanese voters to re-embrace nuclear energy.

Why Did It Take 35 Years for the World To Get a Malaria Vaccine?

The parasite’s complex biology played a role in the delay, but experts say there was also a lack of urgency and funding.

Don’t Let the Pandemic Make You Hate Microbes

Since COVID-19 hit, we have engendered fantasies of a sterile environment, confusing dirt and grime with deadly pathogens.

Why Monkeypox Is Unlikely To Cause a Pandemic

Monkeypox is unlikely to cause another pandemic, but with COVID-19 top of mind, fear of another major outbreak is understandable.

Ethical Concerns Haunt Doctor’s Plan to Transplant Uterus in a Trans Woman

The transplantation of various organs is fairly well-understood – but Narendra Kaushik is poised to enter a scientific, social and ethical quagmire.

More Fun Than Fun: Strife in the Harmonious World of Honey Bees

Honey bees have been held up for millennia as the prime example of a well-functioning society – a paragon of societal virtues well-worth emulating by humans.

For Doctors, What Does It Mean To Have Clinical Courage?

Referrals from PHCs to the next level of care are often agnostic of the circumstances that may make the referral useless. So a few physicians follow a different path.

The Afterlife of Solar Panels

Solar panels are considered to be ‘green’ when they operate, but at the end of their lives, they become very dirty.

Stalin Said Tamil Nadu Has India’s Oldest Iron Age Settlement. Was He Right?

The Dravidian movement has an ideological stake in resisting the ascendancy of the idea of a ‘Vedic supremacy’ – but that can’t get in the way of facts.