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Demand Still Strong for India-Made AstraZeneca Vaccines: COVAX’s GAVI

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation said COVAX has thus far allocated 40 million doses of Covishield to various countries.

Ranthambore Tigers up to Twice as Inbred as Those of Central, Southern India

Tigers with reduced genetic fitness have lower chances of bearing children of their own and could lack innate defences against life-threatening diseases.

New Zealand to Ban Cigarette Sales for Future Generations

The government will consult with a Maori health task force in the coming months before introducing legislation into parliament in June next year.

Academics Claim Peter Daszak Misled the Public Amid COVID Origins Probe

Scientists are squaring off over the origins of COVID-19, Wuhan and the president of EcoHealth Alliance.

Interview: ‘River Inter-Linking a Pipe Dream Being Sold to Extract National Resources’

Environmentalist and water management expert Ravi Chopra says river inter-linking will sow the seeds for future conflicts between states.

A board at the Bhusour gate of the Panna Tiger Reserve announcing the Ken-Betwa river interlinking project. Credit: Veditum-SANDRP
Cabinet Approves Funding of Ken-Betwa River Inter-Linking Project

The project will address the water scarcity in the Bundelkhand region spanning across Madhya Pradesh and poll-bound Uttar Pradesh.

Test Shows Big Drop in Pfizer’s Neutralising Antibodies Versus Omicron

Laboratory tests showed a 40-fold reduction in neutralising antibodies induced by two doses of the Pfizer vaccine against an infection of the omicron variant.

A Big Problem in Ecology Research: You May or May Not Get Your Permit

For many of India’s researchers, obtaining permits for field research in protected areas is a big hassle: the process is long-drawn and bureaucratic.

Book Review: ‘Endlessly Green’ Gives Our Rancid, Grey World New Hope

Books on the environment can leave us feeling overwhelmed – but here is one that empowers you to take charge of at least one problem around us.

Will New ‘Bird Sanctuary’ Status Help Tamil Nadu’s Kazhuveli Wetland?

As with many other wetlands across India, ‘development’ has eaten into the Kazhuveli wetland – as have untreated effluents from local shrimp farms.

How Can Scientists Update Coronavirus Vaccines for the Omicron Variant?

Within 52 days, scientists could have an updated mRNA vaccine ready to plug into the manufacturing process and begin producing doses for a human clinical trial.

Is Low Vaccine Coverage Responsible for the Omicron Variant?

Expanding global vaccine coverage by increasing supplies, ensuring equitable distribution and combating hesitancy and misinformation remains critical.