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Is Favipiravir Good for COVID-19? Clinical Trial Says No, Press Release Says Yes

Glenmark announced that an open-label trial of favipiravir had found the drug could treat mild COVID-19. But the full trial report points to the opposite conclusion.

Keeping Indoor Air Clean Can Reduce Chances of Spreading SARS-CoV-2

Using increased ventilation or running an appropriately sized air cleaner or filter can reduce the transmission of airborne infectious diseases.

Coronavirus Daily Updates: Delhi Records Highest Daily Cases Among States

Important updates through the day about the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus, around the world, its consequences for living, healthcare and productivity, and the global response.

More Fun Than Fun: Experienced Ants Lead and Teach, Naïve Ants Follow and Learn

Many ants, especially those that live in small colonies, communicate without trail pheromones. Instead, they use tandem-running.

Scientists Find Microplastics Pollution on Mount Everest

While concerns about littering on the Everest have been raised before, the new study is among the first to assess the extent of microplastic pollution.

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Why Is the Government Afraid of Implementing the Forest Rights Act?

In the 12 years since FRA has became operational, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs has no list of habitations where FRA has to be implemented.

Major Study Unveils Vast Diversity of Africa’s Genetic Variation

It is essential to add genomic data from all global populations – including Africa. This will ensure that everyone can benefit from advances in health.

industrial accident
NGT Calls Unused Relief Funds for Industrial Accident Victims ‘Travesty’

According to the Public Liability Insurance Act 1991, a relief fund is to be created by the owners of factories where workers handle hazardous substances.

Lucky Mistake in Oxford Vaccine Trial Cheers Company, Stumps Scientists

A stroke of good fortune from a dosing error will pave the way for AstraZeneca and Oxford University to submit their COVID-19 vaccine for regulatory clearance.

No. of International Students at US Institutions Drops for Fourth Year

A drop in international students, who spend most of their money on the higher education sector, doesn’t hurt just colleges’ bottom lines – it harms local economies as well.

Ayurveda Needs an Intellectual Reinvention

An illusion of epistemic superiority has rendered Ayurvedic theories unfalsifiable, and unfalsifiable theories in turn cripple experiments.

COVID-19 Vaccines Were Developed in Record Time. Are They Safe?

Because Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been developed in record time, many wonder whether companies cut corners or compromised safety.