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New Fossils Offer a Glimpse Into a Thriving Ecosystem 266 Million Years Ago

The findings of a recent excavation give fresh insights into the effects of extinction events on ecosystems. The subject has taken on great urgency in the face of what scientists are calling the sixth great extinction event.

FIFA World Cup: This Year’s Ball Has the Aerodynamics of a Champion

The Al Rihla has aerodynamic characteristics very similar to its two predecessors, and if anything, may even move a bit faster at lower speeds.

The 1964 Italian Film That Speaks to the Dread of Climate Change

Michelangelo Antonioni’s Red Desert was far ahead of its time in its depiction of the widespread sense of paralysis at our ability to stop capitalism from destroying the planet.

Buildings Are Driving Emissions. How Do We Get Back on Course to Net Zero?

In 2021, buildings accounted for more than 34% of the world’s total energy demand. This figure includes embodied energy that goes into construction materials and processes, and operational energy that goes into running buildings.

More Fun Than Fun: Is Evolutionary Medicine Coming of Age?

A transformation in the spirit of “nothing makes sense in health and disease except in the light of evolution” will be needed for evolutionary biology to inform clinical practice.

Photos: Mauna Loa, World’s Largest Active Volcano, Erupts After 38 Years

The night sky above Hawaii’s largest island glowed a hellish red as bright, hot lava sprang forth at the volcano’s summit at around 3 pm IST on Monday.

Colonialism Changed the Way Plants Are Distributed Around the World: Study

Researchers examined the spread of alien plants introduced by four major colonial powers: the British, the Spanish, the Portuguese and the Dutch.

Climate Change Will Worsen Spread of Invasive Species Resilient To Warming

Can the government use green bonds to control their spread?

The Environmental Impact of Black Friday Sales

While many consumers get excited about the heavily discounted products, the sales extravaganza comes with a very hefty price tag for the environment.

Disaster in Java: Why Are Shallow Earthquakes More Destructive?

Large earthquakes cause widespread damage, but the intensity of shaking is reduced when seismic waves have to travel at least 50 km before they reach people.

‘Annihilation of Caste’ and the Struggle for Water Equality

Most writings on Dalit political movements touch on the campaign for water access incidentally, as one issue among many the movement fought for.

The Eichmann Problem of Criminal Disregard and Fossil-Fuel Exploitation

Given what we know about climate change, at what point does enabling the exploitation of coal, oil and gas resources embody culpable moral complacency?