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Navigating the Possibility of Life on Venus

In the mid-1980s, the Soviet Vega probes had spotted a phosphorus-containing chemical in Venus’s atmosphere.

Aerosol Transmission of COVID-19 Virus: What Is, and Isn’t, up for Debate

For historical reasons, epidemiologists and aerosol scientists have evolved different definitions of ‘droplet’ and ‘aerosol’.

Can We ‘Use’ One Virus To Fight off Other Viruses?

Viral interference is the phenomenon in which an infection due to one virus temporarily protects the body from an infection by other viruses.

What Do the Coastal Disasters of Beirut and Mauritius Have in Common?

Beirut and Mauritius displayed the face of ingrained preference in maritime laws towards shielding business at all costs.

Coronavirus Daily Updates: Global Tally Crosses 30 Million

Important updates through the day about the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus, around the world, its consequences for living, healthcare and productivity, and the global response.

Finding Phosphine on Venus – and the Prospect of Alien Life

The discovery that the atmosphere of Venus absorbs a precise frequency of microwave radiation has just turned planetary science on its head.

IMA Slams Centre, Publishes List of 382 Doctors Who Died Due to COVID-19

The body said health minister Harsh Vardhan’s statement in parliament ‘conceals’ the morbidity and mortality of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

India’s Biodiversity Stressed From Loss of Freshwater Systems, Agricultural Waste

Much of India’s freshwater is used for agriculture, so making food production more efficient and reducing food waste is part of the solution.

COVID-19: As Rich Countries Call Dibs on Vaccine Doses, What Are India’s Options?

If India decides to join COVAX – the deadline is September 18 – it will certainly be a boost to COVAX and a major blow to vaccine nationalism.

As Rural India Faces COVID-19, Let’s Train Village Health Providers to Fight It

Confidence in local village informal health practitioners should be harnessed, allowing the trust gap between people and the agencies delivering public health services to be bridged.

It’s Time We Took Hospital-Acquired Infections More Seriously

Lest we forget, HAIs are not a product of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has simply exacerbated HAIs and their consequences.

With a Trickle of COVID-19 Reinfections in India + Worldwide, Where’s the Science?

On September 15, researchers in Greater Noida and New Delhi confirmed two cases of reinfection from India.