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Modi Urges Caution During Festivals, Says ‘Govt to Help All Citizens Access COVID-19 Vaccine’

‘”India will soon cross the 10 crore test number, which has been a major asset in our fight against the pandemic.’

Centre Rejects U’khand Forest Dept Pitch To Use National Park for Kumbh Mela

‘Since Kumbh Mela is an important festival in Hindu traditions, the Centre must consider temporary use of forest land for non-forest purposes as an exception,’ the proposal had said.

NASA Seeks Surprises on Asteroid Bennu as OSIRIS Probe Prepares To Obtain Sample

On October 20, a van-sized robot circling a distant asteroid will fold back its solar panels, fire its thrusters and descend to the surface of an alien world.

Half of Indians May Have Had Coronavirus by February 2021, Govt Panel Estimates

The committee’s estimate is much higher than the government’s serological surveys, which showed that only around 14% of the population had been infected, as of September.

Which Version? Confusion Over Environmental Fallout of Indonesia Deregulation Law

A rule allowing subsistence farmers to burn small plots of land has been reinserted into the Job Creation Act passed last week.

Coronavirus Daily Updates: India Records Lowest Daily Caseload Since July 23

Important updates through the day about the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus, around the world, its consequences for living, healthcare and productivity, and the global response.

Even as Calcutta HC Curtails Durga Puja Festivities, Bengal Braces for COVID Surge

The West Bengal government has proposed a slew of measures that look impressive on paper. As the festival begins, implementation will be key.

Lockdown Effect: Rajasthan Had 35-40% Fewer TB Tests v. Same Period in 2019

The lapse of over two months of regular treatment, and access to it, during the lockdown was bound to spell disaster.

NASA Probe OSIRIS-REx To Attempt Riskiest Mission Yet

The plan is to shoot liquid nitrogen into the rock, breaking it up and collecting samples it in a container.

Not Just a Committee – We Need the Whole Govt To Address Stubble-Burning

Justice Lokur is to be a single-judge committee to monitor and prevent instances of stubble-burning in three states.

Climate Change Will Make Anomalous Flooding in India’s Urban Sprawls the Norm

Hyderabad city has received and ignored multiple warnings.

New Evidence Suggests China’s ‘Dark’ Vessels Poached in Galápagos Waters

Several vessels turned off their GPS-based automatic identification systems (AIS), possibly to avoid discovery while partaking in illegal activities, several sources found.