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How Vietnam’s Rice-First Policy Weakened the Mekong Delta Against Climate Change

Decades of intensive agriculture and water mismanagement have left the country in need of a radical overhaul of its water policies.

Dalit Scientists Face Barriers in India’s Top Science Institutes

Interviews with young Dalit scientists, along with a growing body of academic work, detail the obstacles Dalits still face on their path through scientific training.

Kerala’s New High-Speed Railway Project Is a Threat to the State’s Ecology

The state government has not come out clearly on the rationale for building a high-speed alternate rail in Kerala, to the tune of being one of the biggest infrastructural investments in Kerala’s history.

First Uncrewed Gaganyaan Mission Not Possible in December 2021: ISRO

Four Indian astronaut-candidates have already undergone generic space flight training in Russia as part of the Gaganyaan programme.

COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Drops, India Likely to Miss July Target

To meet the target of 13.5 crore doses in the month, the average needs to be about 60 lakh doses. So far, it has been around 38 lakh.

In Chirgaon, Residents and Conservationists Work To Bring Back Their Vultures

The collective efforts of the locals and conservation organisations have seen the local vulture population in Chirgaon village rise to 249 this year, from 22 in 1999-2000 when nationally, the vulture population was sharply declining.

With a Third Wave on the Horizon, a Closer Look at Kolkata’s Vaccination Coverage

It’s not unreasonable to hope that the progress of vaccination in Kolkata and its neighbouring districts will lead to significantly lower hospitalisation and fewer deaths.

Why Is Kerala Reporting So Many More COVID-19 Cases Than Other Indian States?

India has a system that rewards success based on officially reported numbers, incentivising many states to ‘manage’ pandemic data more than the pandemic itself.

A Century of Science Fiction That Changed How We Think About the Environment

Wanuri Kahiu’s important short film ‘Pumzi’, depicting the regeneration of a future Africa after a period of intense environmental loss, shows the power of new voices taking up these themes.

Why UP’s Population Control Bill Can Prove Disastrous for Women, Poor Families

Many states have achieved what Yogi Adityanath’s policy wishes to without using coercive measures. Unfortunately, his government is not willing to listen.

Brazil Scraps Covaxin Application for Authorisation

Bharat Biotech’s application for EUA approval has been trashed and permission for clinical trials suspended.

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What does extinction feel like?