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India Reports 1.7 Lakh New Cases, Five States Report 10k Cases Each

Ten states have reported more than 5,000 cases each. Of these, five have reported more than 10,000 each.

Is Europe Pursuing a ‘Neo-Colonial’ Plunder of Resources In the Indian Ocean?

Duty-free access of tuna exports in European markets saves them a 24% tariff.

India Bans Exports of Antiviral Drug Remdesivir as COVID-19 Cases Surge

Seven Indian companies have licensed the drug from Gilead Sciences, with an installed capacity of about 3.9 million units per month.

The Novel Coronavirus Variants and India’s Uncertain Future

That the circulation of the new, potentially more infectious variants is responsible for the spike in cases after January 2021 seems increasingly inescapable.

How Much Would the Sea Level Rise if Everyone on Earth Sat In the Ocean?

If everyone completely submerged themselves, total rise in sea level would only be about the width of a human hair.

Centre Must Take Responsibility for Vaccine Shortages and Act Now

By now, vaccine production capacity increase should have already happened. The Centre clearly planned it very badly.

Explained: Thrombocytopenia, The Rare Condition Possibly Linked to the AZ Shot

Photo: The federal government has asked Australia’s medical and vaccine regulators to urgently consider…

Atomic Minerals Directorate Shelves Uranium Project In Telangana Tiger Reserve

The directorate’s plans had moved to the Amrabad Reserve after its efforts in Lambapur-Peddagattu faced stiff resistance.

Can India Balance Domestic COVID-19 Vaccine Needs With Global Demand?

India aims to inoculate about 30 crore people by July 2021, with a target of 70 lakh vaccinations daily.

India Sees 1.45 Lakh New COVID-19 Cases, More Than 10 Lakh Cases Active

A five-month high of 794 deaths brought the total toll to 168,436.

Health Ministry Refuses to Share Info on COVID-19 Vaccines Rollout

The health ministry and its various departments denied RTI requests citing ‘threats to strategic, scientific and economic interests’.

Johnson & Johnson In Talks With Indian Government to Trial Single-Dose Vaccine

The J&J vaccine is currently approved for use in United States, European Union and South Africa.