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As JPC Okays Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, Another Look at the Dangers

The committee’s stand is concerning, given the multiple threats to communities and biodiversity conservation outlined by the stakeholders.

Arctic Is Warming Nearly Four Times Faster Than the Rest of the World

The Arctic contains sensitive and delicately balanced climate components that, if pushed too hard, will respond with global consequences.

Thousands More Species at Risk of Extinction Than Currently Recorded: New Study

Researchers in Norway have tried to shed light on the black hole of unknown extinction risk by designing a machine learning model that predicts the threat of extinction for these data deficient species.

An Epidemiologist Explains Why Monkeypox Is Not an STI

The monkeypox virus typically spreads through direct contact with respiratory secretions, such as mucus or saliva, or skin lesions.

Laying Down the Law on Air Pollution

Air pollution is an international problem. Domestic and international laws could work together to combat it.

Explainer: What Is Lumpy Skin Disease and Why Is it Raising Concerns?

States are rushing to procure the goat pox vaccine which has been shown to effectively prevent LSD in livestock.

Wearable Technology Can Change Autistic People’s Lives – if They’re Involved in Designing it

Technology has so much potential to help autistic people but developers are missing the mark.

Long COVID May Stem From an Overactive Immune Response in The Lungs

New research found that it might not be an active viral infection causing long COVID-19 and similar conditions, but an overactive immune system.

The Pesky Problem of Offshoring Pollution

A turn to sustainable development could help stop rich countries offshoring their pollution to poorer countries.

AI ‘Mischief Models’ Have the Potential To Make a Fresh Internet Hell

The construction and use of AI models for provoking or manipulating people goes past the traditional bounds of online trolling, enabling a new degree of irreverence and harassment.

Monkeypox: How To Determine if a Disease Will Become a Pandemic or Peter Out

To evaluate how dangerous a novel disease can be, three factors are important: virulence (deadliness), transmission (how a disease spreads) and stealth (the ability to spread silently).

Composting Is a Surprisingly Tender Thing To Do With Your Dead Pet

Pleia, a start-up based outside of Medellín, Colombia, has devised a streamlined approach to make your pet part of your garden.