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Book Review: A Humanising Portrait of Stephen Hawking

In Hawkings’s new biography, Seife explains how he loved communicating his work to the widest possible audience.

If Our Green Energy Plans Will Threaten Our Biodiversity, They’re Not ‘Green’

If great Indian bustards can’t see power lines before flying into them, it’s because they had a stronger evolutionary imperative.

COVID-19: India Has a Habit of Bad Clinical Trials

Bharat Biotech’s small paediatric trial is one of many clinical studies conducted in India that have, or intend to have, a small number of participants.

India Should Brace for Third COVID-19 Wave by October, Say Health Experts

The pandemic itself is expected to remain a public health threat for at least another year

COVID Vaccines Offer Strong Protection Against Infection: Apollo, Fortis Studies

Separate studies by the two giant hospital chains found that nearly 95% of vaccinated health workers were protected against COVID-19.

Do Mitochondria Contribute to Neurological, Psychiatric Disorders?

Some researchers suspect these bacterial ancestors living within our cells could be the key to a healthy brain.

Bharat Biotech’s Pre-Submission Meeting for Covaxin Emergency Use Approval with WHO on June 23

Though the meeting will not be a detailed review on the product, the vaccine maker will have an opportunity to submit a summary on overall quality of the jab, according to the WHO.

Is the Google Maps Island off Kochi Really an Island?

A small, green smudge has appeared on Google Maps’ satellite view off Kochi’s shore, and which one person has said is an island.

Rising Sea Levels Threaten to Flood Lakshadweep: Study

Study predicts that Arabian Sea’s rising waters may inundate 60% of Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti and Minicoy islands.

AI’s False Reports Can Deceive Cybersecurity Experts

Automated systems trained to recognise cyber attacks will not detect true threats effectively if they process AI-generated misinformation.

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Decline of Academics in India’s Medical Institutions Is a Self-Inflicted Injury

Medical institutions, with rare exceptions, seem to perceive the pursuit of research as an irritating sideshow to the main job: to run a clinical service.

Boeing Study Doubts Ionisation Technologies’ Ability To Kill Germs on Surfaces

The aerospace giant tested two kinds of ionisation technologies to determine how well each killed germs on surfaces, decided neither was good enough to install on its commercial planes.