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COVID-19: Hospitals Fill Up Again in Under-vaccinated US States

COVID-19: Hospitals Fill Up Again in Under-vaccinated US States

A healthcare worker takes a break as people wait in their vehicles for COVID-19 testing in Houston, Texas, July 2020. Photo: Reuters/Callaghan O’Hare/File Photo

Hospitals in some US states with low vaccination rates, for example Louisiana, are filling up once more with coronavirus patients infected with the Delta variant.

A comparison of hospitalisation data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and vaccination numbers collected by Our World in Data shows that hospitalisations tend to be significantly higher in US states where large numbers of unvaccinated people remain.

Out of the five least vaccinated states according to Our World in Data and 2020 numbers by the US Census Bureau, four experienced elevated levels of hospitalisations. Louisiana, where more than 60% remain unvaccinated, had the second-highest level of COVID-19 hospitalisations in the nation at 520 for every million of population. Alabama and Mississippi, where around two-thirds are not fully vaccinated yet, were close behind with 446 and 473 coronavirus patients in the hospital per one million people. Despite low vaccination rates, the situation was less tense in sparsely populated Wyoming.

Florida, where just around half of the population is not fully vaccinated, is currently experiencing the highest number of hospitalised COVID-19 patients at 648 per million people. The best vaccinated states, located on the East Coast, did not experience such dangerous surges of coronavirus infections. Despite also having between 34 and 40% of unvaccinated residents, hospital admissions stayed in the low to mid double digits.

Infographic: Hospitals Fill Up Again in Undervaccinated U.S. States | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista where this article was originally published. 

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