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Coronavirus Daily Updates: Vaccine Should Be Ready by 2020 End, Says Serum Institute CEO

Coronavirus Daily Updates: Vaccine Should Be Ready by 2020 End, Says Serum Institute CEO

Featured image: A medic collects samples from a woman for COVID-19 rapid antigen testing amid the complete bi-weekly lockdown to curb COVID-19 spread, in Kolkata, Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020. Photo: PTI/Swapan Mahapatra

India added 53,601 new cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Tuesday, taking the country’s tally of confirmed cases to 2,268,675. The death toll is 45,257. According to the health ministry, 639,929 cases are still active, while 1,583,489 people have been cured or discharged or have migrated. The confirmed cases include foreigners.

This is the first time that cases have dipped below 55,000 in a single day after the country recorded over 60,000 cases daily for four days on the trot. India had crossed the 20-lakh mark on Friday.

Currently, India is the third worst-hit nation by the pandemic after the US and Brazil. According to Johns Hopkins University, which has been compiling COVID-19 data from all over the world, India’s death toll is the fifth-worst.

Independent trackers are reporting a slightly higher number of cases and death tally than the health ministry. According to Worldometer, India has 2,269,052 confirmed cases and that 45,361 people have died because of COVID-19.

Across the world, there have now been more than 20 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. In total, 20,089,624 confirmed cases have been reported as of Tuesday morning.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the global death toll due to COVID-19 stands at 736,191. Another 12,280,520 people have recovered from the disease.

In many countries, official data includes only deaths reported in hospitals, not those in homes or nursing homes.

The US has recorded 5,094,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus. Brazil is in second place with 3,057,470, followed by India (2,268,675), Russia (890,799) and South Africa (563,598).

The US has also recorded the highest death toll, with 163,463 fatalities so far. The death toll has also been high in Brazil (101,752), Mexico (53,003), the UK (46,611), India (45,257), Italy (35,209), France (30,327), and Spain (28,576).

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