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Watch: How to Wear and Remove a Mask Properly

Watch: How to Wear and Remove a Mask Properly

Many African countries now require people to wear a mask when out in public. This is part of the effort to stop COVID-19 from spreading. Cloth masks reduce the number of droplets that are spread into the environment when people breathe, cough or sneeze. Medical masks protect the wearer from these droplets. It’s important to wear and remove a mask properly. Marc Mendelson, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, demonstrates mask techniques and explains how people can protect themselves and healthcare workers.

Presented by Prof. M. Mendelson, UCT Faculty of Medicine and Groote Schuur Hospital. Video/Audio by MobilearnFundisaThe Conversation

Ozayr Patel, digital editor, The Conversation.

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