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Top 25 Articles on The Wire Science in 2021

Top 25 Articles on The Wire Science in 2021

The Wire Science has had the opportunity to publish some excellent reporters, writers and communicators in 2021. A big thanks to all of you, plus the independent experts who helped us fact-check and contextualise every detail in our reports. The following list of articles is in descending order of readership, and includes short news reports to longer features.

1. Luc Montagnier’s Views on COVID Vaccines Are Latest Of His Wrong, Vexing Ideas by Shahid Jameel

2. Covaxin: Why Antibody Levels After Vaccination Aren’t the Same As Efficacy by Priyanka Pulla

3. Shycocan: For a Device Claiming To Fight Viruses, Jargon Is Not the Same as Science by Anusha Krishnan

4. COVID-19 and Black Fungus: What Is Mucormycosis? by T.S. Suryanarayanan and R. Uma Shaanker

5. How the Modi Government Overestimated India’s Capacity to Make COVID Vaccines by Neeta Sanghi

6. Shifting Our Gaze – Towards a Just, Inclusive Approach to Research in the Field by Bidyut Sarania, Krishnapriya Tamma, Samira Agnihotri, Subhashini Krishnan and Sutirtha Lahiri

7. The Novel Coronavirus Variants and India’s Uncertain Future by Gautam I. Menon

8. India Isn’t Sequencing Enough SARS-CoV-2 Genomes, and That Puts Us in Danger by Somdatta Karak

9. How Do You Catch Mistakes in a Clinical Trial? An Ethics Expert Explains. by Shreya Dasgupta

10. Is the Universe Different In Different Directions? by Joel P. Joseph

11. Covishield: What We Need To Know To Understand the Safety of Viral Vector Vaccines by Dr Vipin Vashishtha

12. More Fun Than Fun: What Do Dogs (and Other Animals) Do All Day and All Night? by Raghavendra Gadagkar

13. Have You Tested Positive For COVID-19? This is What Happens Next. by Dr Narayana Subramaniam

14. Explained: Despite Govt Claims, India’s Health Budget Only Around 0.34% of GDP by Dipa Sinha

15. A Homeopathic Defence Against COVID-19 Is No Defence at All by Anurag Mehra, Supreet Saini and Mahesh Tirumkudulu

16. Why Uprooting Jamun Trees for the Central Vista Revamp Is a Terrible Idea by Vallari Sheel

17. Why Is Kerala Reporting So Many More COVID-19 Cases Than Other Indian States? by Rijo M. John

18. India’s Drug Regulator Has Approved DRDO’s New COVID Drug on Missing Evidence by Ronak Borana

19. The Dangerous Irrationality of How Indian Regulators Classify Substandard Drugs by Priyanka Pulla

20. EU’s ‘Green Pass’ Plan Leaves Out Covishield, Serum Didn’t Apply for Approval by Ronak Borana

21. NCBS: When a Paper Is Published but One Author Is Found Guilty of Misconduct… by Vasudevan Mukunth

22. What Fibonacci, and Ancient Indian Scholars, Didn’t Know About the Golden Ratio by Sooraj

23. Gender Equity in India’s Medical Education Is Still Out of Reach by Sangeeta Rege, Ajinkya Deshmukh and Amruta Bawdekar

24. Decline of Academics in India’s Medical Institutions Is a Self-Inflicted Injury by Vivekanand Jha

25. Bill Gates Proposes To Technofix Climate Change but Underplays the Role of Nature by Pranay Lal

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